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Keybinds For Fun and Pr… Time Saving

You can create keybinds for practically any action your character can make in Neverwinter. These can save you a large amount of time and tedious window spelunking.

They work like this:

/Bind [Whatever key combo you want that is not taken] [command you want that key to execute]

To use keybinds, simply copy and paste the following into the game’s command console (AKA that place you mostly type to chat with other players.)

The most useful keybinds tend to be the ones tied to VIP actions:

/bind ctrl+t gensendMessage Vipaction_Overworldmapteleport activate (Summon a Teleport Post)
/bind ctrl+m gensendMessage Vipaction_Mailbox activate (Summon Mailbox)

/bind ctrl+S gensendMessage Vipaction_Salvager activate (Summon Salvage Anvil)

/bind ctrl+b gensendMessage Vipaction_Bankvendor activate (Summon Bank Vault)

/bind ctrl+V gensendMessage Vipaction_Professionvendor activate (Summon Profession Vendor)
/bind F8 gensendMessage Vipaction_Moonstonemaskteleport activate (Teleport to the Moonstone Mask in Protector’s Enclave)

But in case you don’t have VIP, here are a few keybinds you still might find helpful:

/bind 0 follow (Allows you to automatically follow any other players, your companion, or random NPCs with the press of a button. The 0 button in this case.)
/bind 9 party Please don’t kill Hulks

/bind ; calendar

/bind ‘ guild Help, I’ve fallen and my Wayward Wizard keeps laughing at me

/bind \ alliance DG is great!


Throne of the Dwarven Gods: Basics

This, along with Prophecy of Madness is the first skirmish you have access to once you hit 70. (You may have access to more depending on your item level, but you will definitely have access to these two.)

Now, you’ll notice something a little different here once you’ve played through. Unlike pre-70 skirmishes, ToDG has 3 separate rounds. There are also 2 versions of the skirmish that you will be placed into at random. Both versions have the same 3rd round, but the first 2 are different..

When you jump into the instance, an intro movie will play, telling you which version you’re going to be dumped into. I find it helpful at first to watch these so you know for sure what’s coming, and can equip/buff accordingly.

First off, general tips. First and foremost… DON’T KILL THE THOON HULKS! I know, they’re big, they’re shiny, they like to suck you in and they’re assholes, but don’t do it. If you have to hit them, use your least powerful attacks on them. The only thing you want to do to those hulks is make them aim at someone and run a train on that someone’s ass. If you kill them, we’re gonna have a bad time, and people are going to rant.

Next and just as important; DO KILL THE BONE GOLEMS. Kill them first. If there’s a Boner Golem on screen focus all your damage on it. Anything you can do to stop it from making a hit is a good thing. This is regardless of version, and counts for stages 1 and 2 of each.

Third, and also just as important, in the 3rd round, always focus on the Illithilich. Ignore everything else unless you have AoE attacks that will hit them as well while still focusing on the Lich. I know that Thoon Hulk is a dick and it really seems like you should be handing him his ass but it’s a trap. Same with all the little mobsters. Unless they’re literally killing you, pretend they aren’t there.

So, in summation:

1.  Don’t kill Thoon hulks. Get their attention; wiggle your ass at them, ping them with a small attack once if someone else hasn’t already.

2. Focus all your destructive power on Bone Golems first. They do significantly more damage than the smaller guys.

3. In the Boss stage focus all that destruction on the Illithilich.

Throne of the Dwarven Gods: Protect the Clerics Version – Basics

This is more of a general guide, based on being in a random team.

Round 1:

At the top left and right corners of the throne room will be two clerics that you must protect. In this round it is extremely important to kill the bone golems as quickly as possible and to stop them from doing damage using control powers if you’ve got them. If you have powers that allow you to push, lift or freeze enemies, make sure you have those equipped.

The main goal here is to stop the clerics from being interrupted or hurt. So being able to blast enemies away from those clerics is extremely helpful. In other words, if ya can’t kill ‘em, shove ‘em. It’s a pretty simple round, especially if everyone is working together to crush the golems.

Round 2:

In this round, our main goal is to destroy the big purple bubble around the throne in between where the two clerics are. To do this, you have to use the Thoon Hulks who will now pop out of the side chambers, I generally make one shot at them if someone else hasn’t already and then I’m back to attacking golems.

Our secondary goal is the same as in round one; prevent as much damage being taken by the clerics as you can. So basically do the same as in round one, but this time, if you see a hulk just wandering about, give it one shot and then go back to protecting the clerics and don’t worry any more about the hulk. If the hulk locks on to you, direct it toward the bubble. Obviously everyone in the party should do that, but shit happens.

Round 3:

As soon as round 2 has finished, head towards the throne. A cutscene will play after which you have to defeat the boss, Illithilich. Small monsters will also come out as well as a Thoon Hulk. Ignore them. ONLY attack the Lich. If you’ve got AoE attacks that will help get rid of the annoying little guys and the hulk, use them, but make sure your focus is always that Lich.

So You’ve Just Hit Level 70

Welcome to the big leagues, and by big I mean prepare to die.

A lot.

This is a work in progress, I’m going to eventually include links to further reading connected to the subjects, but for now, bare with me.

But even if your item level is low and your powers aren’t where they should be, I think you’ll find you can get by with a little help from your friends. Or guildmates.

First of all, if you haven’t finished Spinward Rise, be sure to do that to get a level 70 artifact weapon. Spinward can be difficult even for 70s, so don’t hesitate to ask someone to run it with you.

There are many decisions for you to make here. Focus on one campaign at a time, focus on the easiest dailies, focus on dungeons. It’s all up to you. And it’s all going to kill you. Stock up on health potions and injury kits. Try to get your item level to at least 2000 as quickly as possible. It’s not as hard as you think as once you hit 70 you can farm a lot more rough AD.

Focus on enchantments first, particularly weapon and armor enchantments.

My suggestion is to start by doing Throne of the Dwarven Gods daily if you do nothing else. It’s fairly easy, but when you first enter it, you may find it kind of hectic. Strategy is your friend here, and your strategy will depend both on your class and which of the 2 versions of ToDG you get thrown into. I personally call them the “Protect the Clerics” and “Hulk Gate Smash!” to distinguish the two.

I don’t advise playing it tired and drunk because for some reason other players get annoyed when you start randomly running to the wrong places.

Doing this skirmish gets you both Faezress and Demonic Ichor. You use the former to make keys that will open that ghostly blue chest in ToDG as well as the skirmish Prophecy of Madness. Demonic Ichor can be used to purchase drowcraft equipment which is the best armour to go for initially as it has much higher stats for less work than say, Black Ice equipment. (Which is more badass looking than performing, and I still think the Drowcraft looks better.) You can also often score a salvageable ring, usually of rare quality that you can salvage for 3000RAD and if you’re lucky you’ll get an epic ring, which you can either equip if it’s better than what you have or you can salvage for 6000RAD. A bad run with no keys will net you almost 3000RAD but most seem to get you a minimum of 6000, assuming you salvage any equipment you win.

You can also do Prophecy of Madness, which should really be named Prophecy of Whywouldyoudothistous? I think of it as the Paladin slayer. Everywhere else, OPs kick serious ass, but in PoM their lack of speed is a serious hindrance, particularly in the second version of the skirmish. Of course if you have a pally with a speed enhancement spell you might fare better.

My next suggestion is to go to Sharandar and take quests until the Master of the Hunt skirmish is open. Then head on to the Dread Ring and take quests until you get access to the Dread Legion skirmish. These are level 60 skirmishes, and are quite easy and will reward you with AD and seals associated with each area.